Mobile Developer to Purple Scout

Please make our purple heads spin with your iOS/Android-developing-skills.

Do you have a great interest in iOS and Android development? Are you keen on keeping up with all the latest technologies? Then you just might be our next iOS/Android developer. That is if you are purple enough.

The person that Purple Scout is looking for is probably currently already working as an iOS/Android developer within a team of mobile developers. And we would absolutely love it if you have experience from solving complex problems on the iOS/Android platform, and if you have a degree in computer science, computer engineering or an equivalent level of work experience, that will make us turn cart-wheels.

Things that definitely will make us look twice at your CV are:
– Experience from building apps that are live on Google Play/App Store
– Dedication to unit testing, code review, and other quality-oriented practices.
– Fluency in Swift and Android Java.
– Commitment to CI, automation and other efficient workflow-oriented methods.
– Experience from media and streaming.

This assignment entails work in the Copenhagen region.


The recruitment process is handled by Gigstep. Talk to Marie at Gigstep or Johan at +46-(0)40-630 14 00 or  for further information

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Center Blvd. 5
2300 København Vägbeskrivning


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